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NUCAFE: National Union of Coffee Agribusinesses and Farm Enterprises

The institution has been able to register significant progress against landmarks from the implementation of the strategic plan 2008-2012. In the same light, some humbling lessons have been learned and provided some key focus areas for improvement in the new planning period.

a) Increased membership base from 155 to 175 associations/ estates. The incremental increase in coffee farming households under NUCAFE's remit has increased 150,000 to 1.2 million.

b) Increased the volume of coffee marketed under the market linkages service from 630 MT in 2007 to 759 MT in 2010

c) Related to the above was the landmark acquisition of corporate market off takers especially Café River (Omukwano). The supplies have been limited to green coffee supplies and the market prospects for roast and ground coffee, while enormous, are constrained by the lack of machinery as well as non-tariff barriers and SPS conditions in the European markets

d) Contributed to influencing the development of the coffee policy. NUCAFE played an integral role in influencing the formulation of the national coffee policy.

e) In a bid to improve internal efficiencies, staying competitive, keeping up-to-date with industry trends and new technologies, the organization has placed enormous emphasis on staff training.

f) The progressive implementation of the Farmer Ownership Model has been another achievement of the organization. NUCAFE uses the farmer ownership model, which is based on the farmer group-association framework with the objective of supporting coffee farmers to organize themselves to assume as many roles as possible

g) Influencing the development of a National Coffee Policy to create a good enabling environment for the coffee farming environment

h) Improved gender relations among coffee farming households and this has greatly impacted on increased production quantities and quality coffee produced

NUCAFE’s 2005 target was to organise and train 5,000 smallholder coffee farmers into 160 groups. The actual results saw more than 18,000 farmers in 16 districts organised into 600 groups averaging 30 members each. The farmers who choose to work with NUCAFE are committed to adopting good agricultural practices, accessing training and producing coffee of uniform quality that meets market needs.

In 2005, NUCAFE also substantially increased the number of marketing associations formed by its members, from 60 to 102. The associations bulk the coffee for processing, access market and price information, and sell the coffee at a negotiable price. The sale proceeds are paid directly to each group at its local village bank account. The associations, which are based at sub-county level, also coordinate farmers’ access to inputs, appropriate technologies, training, information and credit.

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