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NUCAFE: National Union of Coffee Agribusinesses and Farm Enterprises

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National Union of Coffee Agribusinesses and Farm Enterprises Ltd (NUCAFE)

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Solar photovoltaic systems


Agroforestry, Training, Value chain development


The project aims to create a climate change resilient coffee value chain in Uganda through the implementation of the farmer ownership model as well as investing in several mitigation and adaptation measures.

Earlier this month (June 2019), NUCAFE welcomed and hosted GSBI friends from Santa Clara University- California,USA.

The fellowship program will benefit NUCAFE for the work they will be doing here and also build or add a stone to their careers.


A digital farmer profiling initiative, which enables coffee to be traced back to its roots, is paying off for smallholder farmers in Uganda. NUCAFE’s David Muwonge describes how coffee produced under the scheme is fetching far higher prices, revealing the strong potential of geo-referencing as a marketing tool to guarantee authenticity and origin.

I grew up on a coffee farm in Uganda, where I witnessed how much my parents had to toil to make money from coffee to pay school fees for my siblings and me. Known nationally as the main cash crop and foreign exchange earner in Uganda, coffee farming provided my family and others like it with far less than 5 percent of the retail value of coffee – less than US$1 a day –  perpetuating generational abject poverty.


When coffee production sustainability goes wrong there is waste  of money, time, and our customers’ trust. With the urgency of climate change, the need to pull our farmers out of poverty, and the importance of finding ways to meet increasing demand, we must root out waste so that sustainability can reach its full potential. Let us look at the don'ts to avoid in coffee production sustainability.

Hope for Rural Wealth Creation