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NUCAFE is a symbol of how one man’s dream holds out hope to the future of generations of coffee farmers in Uganda and elsewhere in the world. It represents the vision he had for the millions of small scale coffee farmers who contribute to the production of one of the best coffees in the World.

The brand NUCAFE is an impactful brand of shared value between smallholder farmers and customers. NUCAFE coffee is grown, harvested, partly roasted and ground in Uganda while also the other high-quality coffees are exported. Buying coffee from NUCAFE means buying directly from farmers which implies better coffee quality for you, a better life for the farm families, and a healthier environment for us all. 80% of the surpluses are paid to the coffee farmers and 20% is ploughed back in the NUCAFE hybrid organization to sustain our value proposition to farmers, investors, and communities.

The NUCAFE coffee brands include (1) NUCAFE brand, (2) Omukago Brand, (3) Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon coffee, (4) Obwinye, (5) Pure robusta and Queen of Coffee Africa.


To establish a market-driven system of coffee farmer enterprises and organizations which are empowered to increase their household incomes through enhanced entrepreneurship and innovation.


Coffee farmers profitably own their coffee along the coffee value chain for sustainable livelihoods, consumer satisfaction and societal transformation.


  • Shared Value
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Social Entreprenuerial culture
  • Supply chain