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Coffee exports inch up in volume, value

Uganda’s coffee exports to the global market have increased in both volume and value, a stance if maintained, is destined to improve farmers’ yields.

Latest information from Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) in the last 12-months (February 2014 -March 2013) – a total of 3.73 million bags were exported up from the 2.91 bags exported the same period previously (March 2012-February 2013).

The UCDA report further indicates that in this same period, coffee exported earned the country a total of Shs1 trillion ($414 million) up from Shs977.7 billion ($388 million) the country earned the previous year.
“This performance indicated a 28.27 per cent and 6.68 per cent increase in volume and value respectively,” UCD report mentioned.

The report shows that in February alone, a total of 354,837-kilo bags worth Shs88.9 billion ($35.53 million) were exported.
This comprised 284,739 bags ($ 27.30 million) of Robusta and 70,098 bags ($8.246 million) of Arabica.

“Robusta increased by 5.11 per cent in volume and reduced by 12.10 per cent in value while Arabica decreased by 2.96 per cent and 25.48 per cent in volume and value respectively compared to the same period last year 2012/13,” the report added.

Reacting to this performance, David Barry, the managing director Kyagalanyi Coffee limited-the leading exporting company lauded this performance.

“The export volume was good and steady and we need to maintain this productivity we shall go far as a country,” Barry said.

Looking at the coffee exports by type, grade and average realised price for each coffee grade-the weighted average Robusta price which accounted for 80 per cent of total exports was Shs4, 032 ($1.60) per kilo, the same as what was realised in January 2014.

Washed Robusta fetched the highest price for Robusta at Shs4, 989 ($1.98) per kilo, followed by Organic Robusta at Shs4, 721 ($1.87) per kilo.
Arabica fetched a weighted average price of Shs4, 932 ($1.96) per kilo, three cents of a dollar higher than the previous month.
The highest price was for Organic Bugisu which was at Shs6, 123 ($2.43) per kilo, followed by Sustainable Arabica (Sipi Falls) at Shs5, 869 ($2.34) per kilo.

From Daily Monitor