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Nakaseke farmers receive seedlings to boost incomes

The senior presidential advisor on poverty alleviation, Ms Joan Kakwenzire, has advised the people of Nakaseke District to utilise their land by engaging in commercial farming activities, saying it is possible to eliminate household poverty through agriculture.

She made the remarks yesterday at Kikyusa Model Parish in Semuto Sub-county where she distributed about 60,000 coffee seedlings to farmers to enable them take up coffee growing.

The seedlings were from President Museveni to boost farming in the district. Ms Kakwenzire also disclosed that the President’s donation of Shs150 million for farmers had been released, adding that another offer of 100 Friesian cows and 100 goats for farmers in Kikyusa Model Parish was also ready.

She also called upon the farmers to speed up the formation of Sacco’s where their money would be deposited. She also advised them to adopt a savings culture by saving part of their proceeds for future use. The presidential advisor also stressed that only farmers who had fully organised their homesteads, constructed cow shades and planted enough grass would receive the cows and goats.

Ms Lydia Balemezi, the special presidential assistant, who is coordinating the poverty alleviation programme in the central region, disclosed that Kikyusa is one of the 20 model villages identified by President Museveni to demonstrate to Ugandans that it is possible to eliminate household poverty through agriculture.

In August last year, President Museveni selected Kikyusa Parish and Naluvule parishes as model farming parishes. Mr Museveni promised every household in the parish a project. The project is to be extended to other parts of the country.

From Monitor Publications