The 1st Uganda national coffee festival and exhibition is here to promote YOUTH and COFFEE innovations through facilitating increased exposure to opportunities and networking for increased job creation in the coffee value chain. The aim is to foster promotion and building of strategic business partnerships and relationships for the youth through networking and collaboration in the value chain.

Download Calls for participation in the Competitions

- Call For Pitching of Innovative Ideas
- Exhibitor Competitions

Entrance Fees:      2000/= students and      3000/= adults)
Exhibition space (Platinum: 3 by 6m: 650,000/= ; Premium: 3 by 3m: 350,000/=     and Standard 3 by 1.5m: 150,000/=)

Activities at the Event

Coffee Innovations & Social Entrepreneurship

A number of youth that are already involved in the coffee value chain and are already making money in the coffee value chain will have opportunity to showcase the different innovations they have created such as coffee liquor, coffee ice cream and they will be able to share information to fellow other youth on they made.

Coffee Tasting

NUCAFE will feature its unique speciality coffees at the event originating from the five coffee growing regions of Uganda. A large diversity of coffee players will demonstrate a multiplicity of innovations with latest brewing machinery, baristing and offering coffee for tasting.

Promoting domestic Coffee Consumption

This event will play a key role in creating awareness about the wonderful healthy attributes of the intrinstic coffee aroma through provision of excellent information from exhibitors and value chain players. This critical information will be available in form of print literature, such as fliers and brochures.

Networking one on one sessions

The coffee festival gives an opportunity to players in the value chain to have a number of innovations to exhibit, share experience and learn from each other. The event will attract a diversity of players such as financial institutions, coffee shops, insurance companies, input providers, farmers, universities, exporters, development partners and exporters.

Barista Competitions

Barista from various cafes, hotels and restaurants will be able to showcase their skills during the event, and provide information concerning which organizations trained them and how other youth can access such information

Traditional Coffee Roasting, Imitating Traditional Coffee practices and performances

We are really proud of the history of coffee in Uganda and Africa at large. And as a result, we would like to once again embrace our history by imitating and reminding ourselves of the traditional African coffee practices such as traditional coffee roasting, eating cured coffee packaged in banana fibres, coffee brotherhoods, among other practices.

Exhibition Details

DATE: 6th/November/2015
VENUE: Nice Main Exhibition Hall - UMA Showground
TIME: 8:00am - 10:00pm

Sponsorship Packages

Platinium Corporate Sponsorship - 10,000,000/= and above
Diamond Corporate Sponsorship - 6,000,000 - 9, 000,00/=
Gold Sponsorship - 3,000,000 - 5,000,000/=
Silver Sponsorship - 1,000,000 - 4,000,000/=
The deadline for taking up this opportunity is Friday 23rd October, 2015 at 5.00 pm for appropriate arrangements to be made accordingly. We will be greatly honored to partner with you as usual in this development cause.

Further Information Contact;

Mr. Deusdedit Nuwagaba
Entrepreneurship Services manager
P.O.BOX 34967, Kampala Uganda
Email: /
Phone: +256-414-236199 / +256-774-300628