NUCAFE: The Student Intern Program provides a centralized location to access all NUCAFE internships.

Our Student Intern Program welcomes applications from students attending undergraduate and graduate programs at colleges and universities throughout the country, as well as Ugandan residents and nonresidents studying elsewhere. Each intern works in a particular area within an assigned NUCAFE location office or department, and has opportunities to: 

  • Gain valuable experience
  • Interact with leading experts and policymakers in the coffee sector.
  • Perform rewarding and meaningful work needed in the coffee sector job market.
  • Receive academic credit.
How to get your Internship:

Interested students bring their internship application to the Human Resource at the NUCAFE Office in Namanve as directed by our location address. 

Application Attachments:  

Students are required to:

  • Submit an application letter
  • Attach a resume/CV
  • Identify preferred internships
  • Provide a letter of recommendation to support their application (optional)