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Local Coffee Consumption Increases.

LOCAL of consumption coffee is up, a top official over the weekend. Although coffee exports have dropped in the last quarter, we are witnessing the growth of a coffee drinking culture in the domestic market, said Henry Ngabirano, the managing director of the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA).

The growth of branded coffee outlets from only one 10 years ago to 14 different brand coffee outlets at present, is a testament to this trend, he added. This is a very positive development for us as a coffee body.

It means coffee farmers, processors, and roasters can now look forward to a profitable coffee trade, Ngabirano said. He explained that the development was a result of sustained economic growth and the rise of an active urban workforce who appreciate a drink of coffee.

He, however, noted that Uganda’s coffee consumption per capita is still lower than that of Finland, the largest coffee consuming country globally.

Uganda consumes 130 grams of coffee per capita, while Finland consumes 11 kilogrammes per capita.

Ban Café, Café Pap, Javas, A Thousand Cups, Flavours, and Good African Coffee are among the outlets serving coffee in respective brands.

Ngabirano said UCDA was upbeat that the coffee strategy, which puts emphasis on research, farmer development and value addition would ensure growth in the sector in the medium-and-long-term.

We are aiming at being able to export 4.5 million bags annually, he said. Uganda is Africa’s biggest producer of Robusta coffee.

UCDA early this month forecast that Uganda would export 210,000 60-kilogramme bags of coffee in June, down 17% for the same period last year, However, the June export forecast is up from 177,300 60-kg bags exported in May.

For more details https://www.newvision.co.ug/news/1287458/local-coffee-consumption-increases