2nd Uganda National Coffee Festival and Exhibition

This year, over 5,000 participants are expected including, coffee farmers, university students, schools, policy makers, exporters, coffee shop business leaders, financial institutions, agricultural entities, corporate companies, development partners, innovators, exhibitors and participants within the public and private sectors at a one stop center. A wide range of exciting activities will be present at the festival to engage all the stakeholders invited and these include, but are not limited to

Latest Coffee Innovations and Youth Ideas elevating

Just like it was for the students of Ndejje University who won the 1st Coffee youth innovations challenge which involved coming up with a new innovation that they called coffee juice. In this year’s 2nd coffee youth innovations challenge, we expect more youth to participate in this challenge and the winners will be supported to develop their ideas and innovations, as well as enrolled into an incubation programme where they can grow their innovations into real businesses. This is in a bid to fight and nurture youth entrepreneurial start-ups into successful businesses for increased job creation

2nd Uganda Coffee Festival
2nd Uganda Coffee Festival

Exhibition, Networking and matchmaking

The coffee festival will give an opportunity to players in the value chain to exhibit, share experience and learn from each other. The event will attract a diversity of players such as financial institutions, coffee shops, insurance companies, input providers, farmers, universities, exporters, development partners, nutritionists, agro-input suppliers, research institutions, barista training organizations, government institutions and recruitment firms to exhibit their products, as well as discuss and share various aspects of coffee from research; farm to the cup.

Recently, a number of professionals have been embracing farming but lack sufficient information about the coffee value chain. A full day workshop training on the coffee value chain to further enhance skills has been organized. This is a wonderful opportunity to advance your skills and knowledge in farming, quality, postharvest handling, storage, drying, processing, value addition, marketing and starting a business during a full day training at the coffee festival. Key innovations will be exhibited.

Coffee lab

Handling unique specialty Robusta and Arabica coffees from Uganda’s five coffee growing regions remains essential to benefit from the intrinsic value. At this year’s coffee festival, the coffee lab will be a central coffee skills learning pivot in the value chain. The coffee lab will feature coffee cupping and tasting. Coffee festival participants, lovers, baristas, business leaders, youth will have the opportunity to participate in cupping, tasting of unique terroir coffees from the wonderful origins of Uganda. The coffee lab will enhance and respond to key inquiries of what Uganda has for the World.

Participating in the event, particularly the coffee lab will enable you to enjoy every bit of the coffee origin and ultimately know how to trace the value in it. Coffee profiling, selection, quality and the intrinsic value will be made known in the coffee lab at this year’s coffee festival.

Barista Championships

The Barista competition focuses on promoting excellence in Ugandan coffee, advancing the barista skill and prestigious coffee profession, and engaging the National audience. Baristas representing different coffee houses, hotels and restaurants will each prepare espressos, spectacular coffees, and an original signature drink to exacting standards in a 15-minute performance set to music. This is an outstanding unique skill for the youth.

Highly competent outstanding judges within the coffee fraternity will evaluate each performance on the taste of beverages served, cleanliness, creativity, technical skill, and overall presentation of the participating baristas. The ever-popular signature beverage allows baristas to stretch their imagination and the judges’ palates to incorporate a wealth of coffee knowledge into an expression of their individual tastes and experiences. Eventually, one winner is named and awarded the festival’s barista champion. Information will also be provided as to where participants interested in undertaking coffee training can consult.

Coffee Farmers' Festival
Coffee Farmers Festival Coffee Farmers Festival

Coffee festival Conference

This is the only interactive coffee platform where answers to topical issues focusing on competitive local coffee market developments are provided by the global and country’s leading coffee experts. Enriched and informative updates on global markets, trade and pricing and downstream coffee consumption trends within the country are analyzed. The coffee festival conference brings together the coffee industry’s top movers and shakers from within and outside the country to give opportunity and market insights, while providing ample networking opportunities across the entire coffee value chain.

During this year’s coffee festival conference, the long traditional challenges affecting production and productivity such as coffee risks due to climatic change, irrigation, boosting soil fertility as well as tackling the key aspects of curriculum reforms to respond to change skills set will be central.

Through open networking and public dialogue with renowned national and global coffee business experts and leaders, the coffee value will be narrowed at this year’s coffee festival as experience is shared.
One can meet and network with top coffee business leaders, suppliers, exporters, coffee policy makers and players within the coffee sector and obtain information useful before engaging the coffee fraternity.

Discovering Coffee heritage and tradition

The people of Uganda have long had a deep cultural and social relationship with the “golden coffee bean.” Robusta coffee (Coffea canephora) used to grow wild along the northern shores of Lake Victoria, and the Baganda people of the famous Buganda Kingdom began cultivating it in their household gardens. In their culture, Robusta coffee was largely used for traditional and cultural functions like sealing blood brotherhood, initiating new people into the community or celebrating the birth of twins. It is on 4th Nov, 2016 that we will be celebrating and ushering in a new Ugandan coffee season 2016/17.

It is at this event that you will discover these natural intrinsic traditions and heritage of our coffee from our mother land “Uganda” to the World.

2nd Uganda Coffee Festival
2nd Uganda Coffee Festival

Music and Entertainment Extravaganza

Coffee Festivals would be so boring without music and endless cups of freshly brewed coffee in different styles and signatures. This combination of caffeine and music is enjoyed by people all over the whole world. The coffee festival blends coffee and music worlds into one, giving coffee enthusiasts and music lovers a platform to share their passion for music and coffee culture. Coffee is surely a social drink where ideas and imaginations are sparked off. This provides a perfect opportunity for all ages especially the youth to be initiated into coffee wealth.

Promoting domestic coffee consumption

This event will play a key role in creating awareness about the wonderful health attributes of the coffee, as a beverage through provision of excellent information from exhibitors and value chain players. This critical information will be available in form of print literature, such as fliers and brochures, and by word of mouth. An outstanding scholar from Makerere college of public health will make a public lecture on why every living human being dares a cup of coffee daily.

Coffee value chain skilling and Training

2nd Uganda Coffee Festival

Hope for Rural Wealth Creation